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Brisket Rub

Brisket Rub 

Tips for the perfect Brisket Rub 

Actually there is an art in cooking Barbecue; but do not worry, know easy steps and tips to master it in a heartbeat. Apply the oil on the meat, not the grill tool. If using meat dimarinasi (smeared with herbs), dried meat with a tissue or paper before baking.

Make sure the grill is already hot before you start cooking. Meat should sputters when placed on top of the grill.

Let the meat cook on one side, a new turning. Quite turning once. We recommend using tongs rather than a fork, to turn the meat. When pierced with a fork then the meat juice (juice) will come out and reduce the taste (flavor) meat.

Know the type of maturity that you want. Rare means the meat is very tender, well done means that the meat is very hard when pressed with a clamp. Allow the meat for a few minutes with a closed aluminum foil before serving.

Brisket Rub Recipe
Brisket Rub

Cuts of beef are most appropriate for Brisket Rub:

- Tenderloin / fillet
- Rib eye / Scotch fillet
- Sirloin
- T-Bone
- Rump
- Flank
- Tri-tip (part of Rump)
- Blade or Oyster blade
- Brisket (to be baked in a long time)
- Short ribs (to be baked in a long time)

 Brisket Rub Tips
Preferably spiced meat, not covered with salt
Smear the meat with salt and leave it too long will make the meat becomes hard. Should sprinkle a little salt when roasted meat. Or you can also sprinkle a little salt and pepper when the meat is finished cooking.

Apply the oil on the meat, not the grill
Avoid pouring oil on the grill. Should apply oil on the meat. If using dried mixed herbs to smear the meat, spread a little oil on the surface of the meat before cooking.

When cooking meat, make sure the grill is already hot
Make sure the grill is quite hot. Check by putting the palm of your hand about 6 cm from the surface of the grill. Heat the right to start the barbecue is when you can hold hands around 3-4 seconds.
Do not bake too much
Put down too much when grilling meat will reduce the heat and the meat can not be cooked perfectly.

Do not be too often flipping the meat - just turning once
Quite turning meat once only and not pierced with a fork. Skewered meat fork will issue a juice (juice of meat) that will be lost flavournya.

Check the maturity of meat
Learn how to determine the maturity of meat by pressing a finger to your thumb. Press the side of the palm of your hand. Rare meat texture is when we press a finger to the thumb. The texture of the meat is well done when we press the little finger to the thumb.

Use a meat thermometer for cooking Roasting
Use a meat thermometer when grilling meat intact or very large pieces (roasting). Here is a guide to the temperature of each

maturity of meat:
55oC - 60oC: Rare
60oC - 65oC: Medium rare
65oC - 70oC: Medium
75oC: Well done

Allow the meat that is Brisket Rub before serving
Get used to silence the newly appointed meat from the grill before serving. This will lock the meat juice (juice) to remain bound in the flesh so as to produce good taste, tender and juicy.
Allow the meat sliced ​​steak for 2-5 minutes with aluminum foil covered. Meanwhile for roasting or large pieces, let stand for 10-30 minutes covered with aluminum foil.

Cooking on the Brisket Rub Tool Closed
Roasting meat in covered BBQ tools, both boiler and gas, can produce the best results rich BBQ flavor. Kettle grill is practically like an oven, the excess is perfectly and evenly cooked food.
Secrets of cooking BBQ is located on the shape and design of the kettle grill.

When set correctly, then the cold air will come out of the bottom of the grill. The air will be spinning at the bottom of the toaster to get to the coal that provides oxygen to keep the embers remain hot. This process generates heat and ripen the meat evenly.

Actually heat of grills depending on the amount of coal is entered, the more coal is entered, the higher the temperature of the barbecue. But even after all, the air grills will be highest at the beginning of the baking process and will increasingly come down after burning coal.

Grilling with Direct and Indirect Heat
How to grilling with indirect heat is when we put the food on the tray and heat flows from the top and bottom tray. How to cook this is used for roasting and baking.
Meanwhile, the direct heat grilling way is to use coal briquettes are placed just below the food to supply heat and grilling food. How to cook this is used for grilling, hotplate and wok cooking (frying).

Keeping the heat on the grill

There are no fixed rules about the temperature needed to bake, especially when grilling large pieces of meat while roasting. But there are some things that need to be considered, namely

as follows: Brisket Rub

- Do not be too often open the lid of the grill while cooking. Cooking in a covered grill just like cooking in the oven - each when opening the oven door will lower the temperature in it.

- At the start of baking, the temperature will reach 220oC Brisket Rub tools, and every time we open the lid of the grill, the temperature will drop  10oC - 15oC. Hot Brisket Rub in the grill will last for 1-1.5 hours.

- If you want to raise the temperature in Brisket Rub tool, then we should add about 6-10 pieces of coal with a hose for 1 hour.

- Likewise, gas-fired grills, the temperature at the beginning of the baking process will be around 220 - 240oC for 20 minutes, and then the heat will drop to around 180oC.

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